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A Party for Progress: The PEI Progressive Conservative Party 1770-2000

The PC Historical Society of PEI is pleased to present the book

A Party for Progress: The PEI Progressive Conservative Party 1770-2000

Author: Leonard Cusack
Researcher: Lori Mayne

Book - A Party for Progress - Sylvia Poirier and Stephen Harper - PEI PC History PEI PC - A Party for Progress

The book is the first comprehensive history of the party in the province. Cusack’s passion for Island history and party history shines through in every page of the book. The book was thoroughly researched – including 64 interviews. Readers will also enjoy over fifty photos selected from government archives and private collections.  The book is available to purchase for $30 (plus shipping and handling).  You can order the book by filling out form below, or contacting:

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President of the PC Historical Society of PEI 
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A Party for Progress – At a Glance

  • The PC Historical Society of P.E.I. commissioned A Party for Progress: The P.E.I. Progressive Conservative Party 1770-2000 to fill a void in Island political history. The book represents the first comprehensive history of the party in the province.
  • Author Leonard Cusack is an historian, former high school teacher and sessional lecturer at UPEI, and a retired public servant. His previous works include A Magnificent Gift Declined: The Dalton Sanatorium of Prince Edward Island 1913-1923. He currently represents P.E.I. on the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.
  • A Party for Progress covers over 200 years — from the party’s roots as the Family Compact in the late 1700s through to the Pat Binns administration in 2000. The book details the party’s history and delves into the developments and issues that affected the Island as a whole. As a result, the book represents an important contribution to the history of both the party and the province.
  • Key party accomplishments include guiding P.E.I. into Confederation, building the railroad, ending the land lease system, creating a vast network of regional high schools, constructing Queen Elizabeth Hospital, bringing the Atlantic Veterinary College to UPEI, and supporting the building of the Confederation Bridge.
  • The historical society hired writer and former journalist Lori Mayne to assist with the research, particularly for the period from 1950 to 2000. The research included reviewing hundreds of secondary sources, newspapers, archival materials, and government documents and completing 64 interviews with key people in the party’s history.
  • The modern period sheds light on the governments of Walter Shaw, Angus MacLean, Jim Lee and Pat Binns, and on the party’s contributions in Opposition periods under the leadership of George Key, Mel McQuaid, Leone Bagnall, Mel Gass and Pat Mella.